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Scalp Analysis & Treatments

A healthy scalp will lead to greater levels of success for all hair replacement treatments. It's not possible to have healthy hair without first having a clean, healthy environment for it to flourish in. That's why we offer a variety of treatments that support and improve the health of your scalp, encourage healthy hair follicles, and form a nurturing environment for hair growth. The beginning of any treatment plan at Hair Vital is a scalp analysis. We need to understand the cause of your hair loss, the condition of your scalp and hair follicles, and the full extent of your hair loss to help us best determine the most effective course of action. Any treatments that are designed to encourage natural growth, improvement of hair health, or supplement your natural hair must start with a healthy scalp. This will help insure the highest level of success for whatever treatment option you decide is right for you.

Forgetting something?

Messages about hair and skin care bombard us day in and day out. They're in magazines, on TV, online, and occasionally come in the form of calls from our female elders. So it's strange that we devote so little of our time and effort to the skin that's hidden by our hair. People don't see it very often, but your scalp can have a huge impact on how your hair looks.

A Well-Rounded Approach

At Hair Vital, we can connect you with the most realistic, comfortable, and high-quality hair loss solutions you'll find anywhere. We have special certifications so that we can use exclusive product lines and our stylists have ongoing training to keep up with the latest developments in women's hair restoration. Where we stand out, though, is in our complete, holistic approach. We don't just replace hair, we prevent hair loss, we reverse thinning, and we consider every element impacting your hair. As we plan the right hair restoration program for you, your scalp takes center stage.

We're Up On Trichology

In addition to all of our industry and styling training, we also incorporate Trichology into our practice at Hair Vital. This is a specialized area of dermatology that studies the scalp, the hair, and the hair follicles. Hair loss, after all, can almost always be scientifically explained. Getting to the root of your thinning hair is the first step toward resolving it. Understanding why people experience hair loss helps us better evaluate treatments that claim to prevent and reverse it.

Treat Your Scalp

Scalp Treatments are often incorporated into treatment programs for our clients at Hair Vital. The scalp is where growth takes place and where the growth cycle is regulated, so we see it as being an integral part of the hair-loss picture. Our Tropical Thickening and Regrowth solutions ensure that nothing blocks the growth of new hair, and Laser Therapy might be an option for reversing miniaturization and promoting new growth.

If you think your scalp (or anything else) is halting your hair's growth, call Hair Vital. Your Hair & Scalp Analysis will reveal what's happening on and below the surface of your scalp, as well as what you can do about it.


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  • I have only been a Virtuésse client for a month but I love it already. I have tried other methods like wigs and hair pieces but they were very harsh on my scalp. They were heavier, uncomfortable to wear, and…
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