Welcome to Hair Vital

We have been specializing in hair loss prevention and replacement for both men and women for over 15 years. Methods of hair restoration have changed greatly over the years and Hair Vital continues to lead the way with up-to-date procedures while offering clients the latest technology and most current information.

Hair Vital Offers:

  • More than one type of non-surgical process because different degrees and patterns of hair loss are not served by a "one solution fits all" mentality. What works best for a receding hairline may not be an ideal treatment for hair loss in the anterior mid-scalp region.
  • The revolutionary Laser Hair Therapy with the exclusive Low Level Light Therapy, an effective treatment for hair restoration without the side effects of drugs or surgery.
  • Virtual Reality for men and Virtuésse for women, which is a thin, flexible, second skin like surface with natural hair growth patterns. The base being so thin and natural, it adheres with no ridges or bumps. It is literally undetectable to the human touch.

What Causes Hair Loss?

Surgeries, severe illness and emotional stress can cause hair loss. The body simply shuts down production of hair during periods of stress since it is not necessary for survival and instead devotes its energies toward repairing vital body structures. In many cases there is a delay between the actual event and the onset of hair loss. Furthermore, there can be another long delay prior to the return of noticeable hair re-growth. This means that the total hair loss and re-growth cycle can last 6 months or possibly longer when induced by physical or emotional stress. There are some health conditions which may go undetected that can contribute to hair loss. These include anemia or low blood count and thyroid abnormalities. Both of these conditions can be detected by a simple, inexpensive blood test.

Did you Know?

  • 30% of males in their 30's suffer from excessive hair loss
  • 20 million American women suffer from hair loss
  • Laser therapy can stop and reverse hair loss
  • 50% of males and females experiencing hair loss explore solutions but try nothing

How Hair Vital Can Help

Virtuésse for Women Virtuésse non-surgical cosmetic hair loss solution is so chic, so real, and so undetectable. It is demanded by stars, directors and stylists in Hollywood. Virtuésse has been featured on news and makeover shows from coast to coast!

Losing hair in your crown? If you are losing hair in your crown, we can completely fill in the crown and even add hair in the anterior, or mid-scalp, area. eplacement of hair in the crown can be combined with the restoration of the hairline and/or temples.

Losing hair in your temple areas? If you're just losing hair in your temple areas, the classic "receding at the sides," we can add sufficient amounts of hair to rejoin the forward hairline in a natural regression to your side hair. The exact nature of your condition will determine the feasibility of this procedure.

Sparse hairline? If your hairline is sparse or even completely lost, we can reestablish it at its original forward point and add hair immediately behind it, interspersed with your own hair, depending on your balding condition.