I have only been a Virtuésse client for a month but I love it already. I have tried other methods like wigs and hair pieces but they were very harsh on my scalp. They were heavier, uncomfortable to wear, and needed continual maintenance. My consultation with Shannon was very informative, she took the time to fully educated me about the Virtuesse system. Shannon is very friendly and knowledgable about her work and she strives to make sure that the client is happy. The Virtuesse system is very lightweight, requires very little maintenance and looks amazing. Everyone loves my new hair and they are amazed at how natural it looks and feels. I would definiately recommend the Virtuesse system for anyone who wants to look and feel great.

I thought about hair loss therapies, but kept postponing my decision to actually do something about it. When I consulted my agent, she urged me to explore my options — that's when I found this wonderful company. After my Virtual Reality make over, I walked in to my agent's office, and she said, "That's IT!! You look great! The truth is, I feel great, and I am grateful for this amazing product, which gives me the opportunity to reinvent myself, on and off stage. My life would not be the same without it.

I was one of those guy´s that never worried about my hair. Never spent a lot of time in front of the mirror making sure every hair was in place. It´s not like I didn´t care what I looked like but my hair was not at the top of the list. When my hair started thinning I just sort of went along with it like most men. I changed from parting my hair to combing it straight back to cover up the balding spot I was getting. That was good enough for me at the time but when my hair started thinning all across the top it became more difficult to hide the bald spot with thinning hair. This still wasn´t a real problem for me at the time just something else I had to accept. I was wrong, it is not something I had to accept and I decided to do something about it. Thanks to all the advancements in hair replacement in recent years there are many solutions. I only wished I had thought to do something sooner but as I said, it just wasn´t that important to me. I finally decided to wear a hair system and it is the best decision I ever made for my looks. I feel and look younger and that in turn boosts my confidence. Now I can’t imagine not having hair. People do not even come close when they try to guess my age and nobody knows that I wear hair unless I tell them. When I do tell them they don´t believe me until I show them. As good as all these reasons are they are not at the top. The Best Reason to Wear Hair is my wife LOVES IT! My only regret is not doing this sooner. I urge you to see a hair loss specialist if this story relates to you and your hair. It will be one of the best decisions you ever make and best of all that special person in your life will love it. To get answers about restoring your hair, call Hair Vital of Colorado and let us help you find your way back to a natural full head of hair.

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  • I thought about hair loss therapies, but kept postponing my decision to actually do something about it. When I consulted my agent, she urged me to explore my options — that's when I found this wonderful company. 

    — Matt LaBanca, New York

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