The Evolution of the Hair Replacement System
10 / 12 / 17

The Evolution of the Hair Replacement System

Not just women but men have been wearing hair pieces throughout history. Our first president George Washington wore a wig. It was common practice in the English court system to wear wigs. Thadeus Stevens, a congressman in the mid 1800’s was asked by a lady for a lock of his hair. At that time this was like asking for an autograph. Mr. Stevens, well known for his humor took off his hair and tossed it to the lady. This had to be very shocking for all in attendance. Hair systems have been with us for a long time.

Estimated consumer sales states over 350,000 men were wearing hair in the 1950’s. Time Magazine estimated over 2.5 million men wore hair in 1970. The problem with the early hair systems was how obvious it was you were wearing one. With the exception of some early movie stars like John Wayne, Sean Connery and yes even Star Treks Captain Kirk (William Shatner), hair systems were very noticeable.

Within the last 20 years or so the technologies used in the manufacturing and hair replacement techniques have improved drastically. The problem with the early hair systems was the thickness of the base made it bulky not to mention the color and texture normally did not match the wearer. Today’s technology offers a base so thin it is almost like a contact lens. When this super thin base is attached to the clients head with the new medical grade adhesives of today it is literally undetectable. Today you can wear hair with the confidence nobody will know unless you tell them. Today bald is truly your decision and if you choose say no it is your secret.

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