Your scalp is the foundation for the life and growth of your hair. It only makes sense that scalp health would play an enormous role in hair loss – and its prevention. Still, a good percentage of men and women experiencing hair loss fail to consider this all-important factor.

If your scalp is working against you in your fight against hair loss, it could be time for an intervention. ScalpCamp can provide the intensive care required to get your natural systems back in sync. It’s like boot camp for your scalp!

ScalpCamp: Setting the Stage for Success

ScalpCamp, a program unique to Hair Vital, is a multi-therapeutic approach for preventing hair loss, recovering hair that still has the potential to grow, and restoring all-around scalp health. It was created to go beyond individual therapies and provide a more complete and efficient option for clients whose hair loss is exacerbated by scalp problems. Each individualized ScalpCamp program combines the most powerful tools at Hair Vital’s disposal to rapidly restore scalp health.

ScalpCamp was created for:

  • Younger Men (18-33) & Women of All Ages
  • Hair Loss
  • Dry Scalp
  • Oily Scalp
  • Dandruff
  • Psoriasis
  • Seborrhea
  • Eczema
  • Other Scalp Conditions

ScalpCamp treatment options include:

  • Specialized Scalp-Care Products
  • Scalp Spa Treatments
  • Laser Hair Therapy (in-office or at-home)

A Trichology Intensive

Trichology is the study of hair and scalp conditions. This realm of evidence-based science, rooted in human biology, takes the trial and error out of hair restoration. It goes beyond maximizing the hair on your head to consider your hair growth cycle, the circumstances of your life, nutrient levels, skin conditions, and many other factors. Each individualized ScalpCamp program is designed from a trichology-centric perspective.

The Trichotest

Every ScalpCamp program is an individualized treatment plan based on biological factors, lifestyle factors, and your personal preferences. Your plan can be designed so that you rarely have to come to Hair Vital, or so that you only have to think about treatment when you’re in our office. The ultimate array of solutions is up to you. The options we present to you are determined by the Trichotest – a full hair and scalp diagnostic analysis. Trichotest measures every important characteristic of your hair and scalp. Over time, our specialized software puts your data to work, creating a timeline of your progress to reveal exactly how your hair responds to each treatment you try.

The Trichotest includes:

  • Baseline Panoramic Photos of hair funnel & shaft
  • Hydration Check
  • Sebum Check
  • pH Balance Check
  • Blue-Light-Magnified Photos

Your scalp is talking to you.

After your free consultation, you’ll be amazed at the amount of light your scalp can shed on your hair loss problem. If you know your scalp is working against your hair, or if you just want to do everything you can to protect your hair, get in touch with Hair Vital. We’ll explore together whether a ScalpCamp program could deliver the kind of results you’re looking for.