Topical Thickening & Hair Regrowth Products

Our Topical Thickening and Hair Regrowth line of products gives you control over your hair loss. They combine the power of prevention with a DHT blocker with increased nutrition for your scalp and hair, an improved growing condition, and stimulation of new hair growth, ensuring that your natural hair and restoration materials are given the best care possible at all stages of the process.

Take Great Care of all Your Hair

Even when you choose a hair restoration solution that delivers instant results, maintaining your hair over time takes dedication. Our Topical Thickening and Hair Regrowth Products make it easy to protect your new hair and keep you looking your best. By promoting good hair and scalp health, you can make sure you're giving yourself the best chance for success.

Our pharmaceutically tested system of Topical Thickening and Hair Regrowth products is a three-pronged solution that works by:

  1. Ensuring the best possible performance of hair replacement materials
  2. Nourishing and strengthening your existing hair
  3. Stimulating follicle regeneration and new hair growth

Regardless of which hair enhancement options you select, choosing the correct maintenance solution will improve the appearance and health of your hair. It will also protect the longevity and performance of your replacement materials.

Life is Hard on Your Hair

The professional products we offer at Hair Vital provide protection for your hair and any hair supplements you may choose, such as extensions, prostheses or integrations. They clean your hair and scalp while protecting your non-surgical solutions from damage, drying, and frizz, all while providing enhanced styling potential.

Growth is Good

Hair Vital's FDA approved product line helps stimulate the growth of new hair by cleaning the scalp and blocking the effects of harmful DHT. It also clears away any buildup from the follicles that is preventing dormant hairs from emerging. We'll help you keep the hair you have while increasing its volume, thickness, and health.

Experience Matters

At Hair Vital, we consider it our mission to keep you feeling as comfortable as possible. This means having all your questions answered by seasoned professionals in a private setting.

We will walk you through all the options and help you find the right solution for you as you deal with your hair loss, whatever its cause.