icon of a man experiencing moderate hair loss

Causes of Men's Hair Loss

The most common reason men lose their hair is simple androgenetic alopecia or male pattern baldness. While there can be other causes, including disease, medical treatments, and trauma, male pattern baldness can usually attributable to genetics.

Hair loss is caused by the conversion of the male hormone testosterone to DHT. 5 Alpha reductate causes testosterone to break down in the body to DHT. This DHT or dihydrotestoterone causes hair follicles to shrink and gradually disappear. Now is the time to act. Hair loss IS PROGRESSIVE. If left untreated it will get worse. Hair Vital can help to reverse this process with DHT blocking topical treatments, DHT-blocking drugs, Laser Hair Therapies and Non-Surgical Hair Systems.

Hair Loss Treatments For Men

When you visit Hair Vital Hair Restoration, your whole experience is tailored to your own personal needs. Our treatments for thinning hair and hair loss are private and discreet. You will feel like you're in the hands of a caring friend. At your initial consultation, we'll talk through the results you want, the problem you're facing, and what your hair goes through on a daily basis.