Not Your Father’s Hair Systems

Gone are the days of choosing between baldness and an unconvincing hair system. Modern technology has finally caught up to the needs of men who want to reverse their hair loss. At Hair Vital, we’re constantly evaluating new products and systems as they hit the market to keep our array of offerings up to date and on the edge of innovation. When you’re ready to replace your lost hair, we’ll be here to provide you with a personalized solution that gives you the coverage and style you want with the security and peace of mind that you need. Below are some of our tried and trusted modern hair systems.

Virtual Reality Logo

Virtual Reality

The Virtual Reality Hair system hinges on using the highest quality, 100% natural human hair available anywhere. In this non-surgical graft system, strands of hair are embedded in a thin, flexible base that follows the contours of the scalp with no ridges or bumps. It’s ideal for men with active lifestyles; you can swim, shower, ski, sweat, and play high-impact sports without anyone detecting that you’re wearing a system.

Folligraft Logo


Folligraft introduced the world to the concept of non-invasive hair-grafting systems, and it’s been leading the pack in innovation ever since. To ensure quality, the company requires specialized training and licensure of its providers. This enables Folligraft to guarantee an increase in coverage, and to consistently deliver an exceptionally natural hairline, personalized style, and undetectable results. It can be used in cases of partial or full hair loss, and it creates the precision of surgical hair restoration without the pain, scarring, or cost.

Full & Partial Systems

We’re here to help you get the hair you want every step of the way. Since your hair restoration needs are likely to evolve over time, we’re happy to adapt right along with you. We design custom solutions at every stage of hair loss so that you can maintain your style and fullness at all times. Don’t hesitate because you think you’re too early in the hair loss process to talk to an expert. That conversation is the best way to minimize your hair loss and maximize your options, even if your hair loss will eventually be permanent.

Get Started on Your Solution

Aren’t you tired of missing your hair? When you’re ready to reclaim your natural look, you’ll have a lot of options. Count on Hair Vital’s personalized, trichology-based approach to get you the results you want in the way that works best for you. We’ll use the outcomes of your hair and scalp evaluation to identify the system best suited to your unique situation and to find out whether your hair loss might be reversed. Why wait? Schedule your free, confidential, no-pressure evaluation today.