At every step in the progression of your hair loss, our goal is to minimize both actual loss and the appearance of loss. We will do everything we can to delay or prevent this progression, but there may come a time when you want to add new hair. When that time comes, we’ll connect you with an array of tried-and-true options known as Hair Restoration Systems. Whether you want to add a bit of length, cover an area of thinning, or pursue a complete custom prosthesis, our team has the tools and expertise to make restoring your hair as easy and painless as possible.

Hair Restoration Systems for Women
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The Virtual Reality system for women, Virtuesse, is a wonderful, non-surgical solution for women experiencing advanced hair loss, for whom extensions are not an option. Using real human hair selected to match your natural color, thickness, and texture, Virtuesse is an undetectable attachment that can be treated just like your natural, growing hair. If you're a woman with advanced hair loss who's tired of wearing wigs or other hair appliances, come to Hair Vital today and see if Virtuesse is the right option for you.

Virtuesse hair replacement is the premier, totally customizable hair loss solution developed just for women. In just one appointment, you can have full coverage with exactly the style you want. No matter what is causing your thinning or hair loss, you can count on Virtuesse for undetectable results.

Virtuesse can be matched to your own growing hair and give you exactly the coverage, length, and style you want. A thin, transparent base bonds to your scalp, and strands of replacement hair are secured in place in a way that mimics natural growth patterns. It gives you all the benefits of surgical hair replacement without the cost, pain, and recovery. Virtuesse creates a simple and seamless transition to a full, lush, natural-looking head of hair. Unlike other replacement options, Virtuesse stays on 24 hours a day and requires no more maintenance than your own natural hair does.

Virtuesse hair replacement is a completely personalized solution. Your new hair is matched precisely to your existing hair. The process can be done in stages if you prefer a more gradual transformation. This product also allows for very short hair, if you choose. The natural growth patterns used and realism of Virtuesse means that it will be undetectable regardless of the length. Your new hair can be styled, colored, and is secure enough to stand up to the rigors of your active life. Go swimming, go to the gym; no one will know it's not your naturally growing hair unless you tell them.

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Even when you know which hair restoration system looks best for you, it still takes a personalized approach to design, apply, and style your new hair. When you’re ready to see these systems up close and get an expert perspective, it’s time to visit us at Hair Vital. Just use our form to schedule a free, confidential, no-pressure consultation. You’ll not only get an up-close look at our systems; you’ll also get to the bottom of what’s happening with your hair loss – and what else you can do to intervene.